Welcome to AD Beelden -Statues : the shop for wooden religious and profane statues.

Collection of wooden statues

We offer you a large collection of wooden statues at favorable prices. Our assortment consists of religious statues and profane figures.

These statues are made of maple wood coming from the mountains or lime wood.


First of all, a master piece is made from clay.


This model will be carved in wood and in different sizes.


Each statue is created carefully with an enormous attention for details. They are finished by hand.


They are available in different versions and sizes.....

The wooden statues can be delivered in natural wood, without treatment.


It is also possible to color or stain the statues in the minor detail. This makes every statue unique. The statues can have different finishes. They can be waxed, stained, varnished, painted with oil colors, stained in different shades of brown, with real gold, colored as antique...

The assortment of statues exists in different themes :

Statues of our Lady
Crucifix or statues of Jesus
Profane statues : animals, professions, people, childrens, clowns,
Christmas decoration
Easter decoration
Miniature statues in gift boxes
Wooden lamps
Wooden lamps with woodcarvings
Doorstop in carved wood
Wooden toys : wooden 3D-puzzle
Wooden figures underneath a crystal bell
Wooden jewelry

If you prefer an unique piece: please visite the following site : Unique statues.