Finishes of statues

Our statues are at your disposal in different sizes and different styles. On our price-lists, you will find some abbreviations of which you find here their explanations.

N=Natural wood, no treatment GH= Lightly stained, wax polished NV= Natural wood with particulars in gold.
Gew.m.Goldr. G 3G
Gew.m. Goldr. = Waxed with accents in gold G=Dark Stain, Wax polished 3G = Wood stained 3 times with different tones
C =Painted in oil colors A=Antique imitation with craquele AE =Antique finished, 24 carat gold gilding
Lasiert Echtgold  
Lasiert= Wood painted with watercolors Echtgold = Wood painted in an antique style, with the cloak in gold leaf.